Boarding – personal care for your dog

Sorry to disappoint but unfortunately we are not able to accept any new boarding clients. We are accepting any training inquiries.

We provide a safe, caring place for your dog. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog will get the personal care and special attention they deserve, as well as some “paw-some” doggie FUN.

Our kennel is small and private, located in a quiet rural setting. Ideal for dogs to run and play – its like camp for dogs!

We also offer canine enrichment activities and treats to make your pups stay extra special.  Interested in treating your dog during their next visit? Learn more!

Inside The Kennel

Individual indoor/outdoor suite
Supervised access to fenced exercise area – The Bark Park
Heated floors
Air Conditioning
Suites cleaned & sanitized daily

Multi-dog families, no problem, we can accommodate pairs or multiple dogs in larger suites.

Covered Play & Activity Area

The Covered Play & Activity area is set up with agility equipment, toys and an artificial turf floor. Ideal for playtime and training sessions.

The Bark Park

We have off-leash play and training sessions in the “Bark Park” for our guests. It’s what makes coming to Birchview unique and so much fun! No extra charge for group playtime for social dogs and its always supervised.

Enrichment Activities & Treats

Dogs love activities that are not only physically but mentally stimulating. Participating in activities that provide purpose is very rewarding for them and helps build social skills and confidence, adding to their overall wellbeing.

Our Activity Package lets your dog participate in some special activities and more one-on-one attention so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically to your pet.  Choose from activities like:

  • Fetch
  • Frisby
  • Agility
  • Snuffle mats
  • Long-line sniffari
  • Nosework
  • Puzzle toys
  • Nature walk

Add Activity Package for $9.99 (includes 1 exercise activity + 1 food based activity)